VILLAGE VILLAS   Kariotes, Lefkada 31100 


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VILLAGE VILLAS   Kariotes, Lefkada 31100 



Lefkada Island
+15...+16° C

Village Villas

New village, modern settlement, with town planning carried away from the old location next to Lygia. It is only 3.5 kmfar  from the town of Lefkada.


It is a village "flower filled", "spacious setting" and full of greenery according to the popular bard. Kariotes is ahead, on the hill "KOULMOS" (archaeological site) in which are the ruins of the citadel of ancient city Nirikos, capital of the island.


During your visit to Kariotes it is worth to search the area of ​​the first Alikes Alexandrou created for the first time in the 17th century which is an important industrial monument.


Alykes, (Saline Lake) which was the salt road, operated until 1988 maintaining the structure of the Venetian drawings. It is a complex creation of human energy and physical construction.


They are historical heritage because present social, economic and technological interest, Salinas designated by the Ministry of Culture as a monument.


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Full Moon In Kariotes

Kariotes Beach

Kariotes Square

Saline Lake and Beach in Kariotes

The location of Village Lefkada Villas